Auto insurance is often more complex than it seems. While many have policies, understanding coverage can be challenging. Explore the fundamental types of car insurance here and learn how to secure the best protection for yourself.

A car shielded by auto insurance.
  • Collision Coverage – This essential insurance safeguards your vehicle in the event of collisions with other cars, walls, barriers, or bridges. It reimburses you for the pre-accident value of your car, minus your deductible.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Shielding your vehicle from incidents beyond collisions, like hailstorms, theft, fires, animal collisions, vandalism, or a tree falling. Note: Comprehensive coverage applies after deductibles.
  • Liability Coverage – A Critical Component - Liability coverage is essential as it protects you financially if you're at fault in an accident, covering damages to others' property or vehicles. Often required by law, ensuring sufficient coverage is paramount for drivers.

One common misconception is that having "full coverage" means you're protected regardless of the accident's severity. However, this isn't true. Your coverage is limited to the amount of liability coverage you hold. For instance, in Missouri with minimums of 25/50/25, you're only covered up to $25,000 per person for medical expenses, $50,000 for all individuals in the other vehicle, and $25,000 for property damage. In reality, these minimums often fall short in providing adequate protection.

Simply put, if you're at fault for a collision totaling a new truck, the insurance company will only cover up to $25,000. Any additional costs fall on you. Understanding your auto insurance coverage is crucial to avoid being underinsured in an accident.

  • Medical Payments – This is also called PIP in some states. This coverage pays for any injuries to the driver or passengers resulting from an accident while driving your vehicle. Generally, these act as small payments that cover you until your health insurance kicks in. 

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