Winter Home Tips

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Are you going on a trip this winter and leaving your home? Maybe you are hosting under your own roof? Or possibly planning to cozy up by the fire and relax with your family? No matter your plans, your local friends at the Robbins Group want to help you prepare your beloved home for the winter weather. Most of these tips only take a few minutes and can save you money and headaches in the long run!

Follow these 10 simple tips to prepare your home for the winter weather: 

  1. Curtains – They can truly make a difference on your heating bill. Keep curtains closed when not receiving direct sunlight. Consider thermal lined curtains to replace the flowy summer curtains for an added layer to keep the warm air in and the cold air out (where it’s supposed to be)! 
  2. Replace Furnace Filter – Your home will take longer to heat up if you have a dirty filter obstructing the airflow. Set a reminder to replace your filters every three months! 
  3. Detach Garden Hose – This will prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting. Ice takes up more space than water, therefore, any water left in the hose will expand and your hose will not. 
  4. Adjust The Thermostat – The magic number is 55 degrees. When the thermostat falls, the risk of pipes bursting rises. Thousands of dollars of damage could be the result of overlooking the risk of freezing pipes. 
  5. Draft Guards – Avoid small leaks that can all add up! Use draft guards on doors or windows to seal up any airflow. 
  6. Counterclockwise Fans – Did you know most fans have a switch for this? Running your fan counterclockwise will bring the warm air that rises back down. 
  7. Check Your Attic – Look for staining on the ceilings from any water leakage, and also make sure it is properly ventilated to prevent mold while you are up there! 
  8. Open Doors – Not your front door…cabinet doors in bathrooms and your kitchen will allow warm air to circulate to the pipes. This is another great way to prevent your pipes from freezing. 
  9. Fireplace Inspection – Before you cozy up by the fire with your family, make sure your fireplace is inspected. Animal nests, soot, and creosote buildup can be hazardous. A chimney balloon is also highly recommended for when your fireplace is not in use to close up the hole from letting any cold air in. (If your fireplace is electric, look into the annual maintenance and cleaning required.) 
  10. Clean Your Gutters – Blocked gutters lead to mold in the stagnant water. Avoid that water seeping into your interior walls by keeping your gutters clear! 

The Robbins Group loves to be proactive and save you from any potential headaches. Call us today if you are curious about your home insurance. We want to ensure that your home is fully covered this winter. 


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