GO CAPS Creating World Changers

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Branson High schoolers can be found all over town earning high school and college credits while living out their passions! Greater Ozark Centers for Advanced Professional Studies, more commonly known as “GO CAPS,” is a unique opportunity for students to explore their interests while being fully immersed in a professional culture. Local employers mentor and guide students through this hands-on learning experience. 

The Robbins Group is always excited to welcome these visionary students into the office! When students arrive, they have the opportunity to sit down with leaders, ask questions, and take part in professional development that cannot be duplicated in a classroom. Blake Robbins, owner of the Robbins Group, shares his perspective: “GO CAPS is a real life experience for students to get a look into operating businesses and creating connections that could shape the trajectory of their future.” 

Wow! Shaping the trajectory of these high schoolers’ futures sounds like a bold statement, but getting them into businesses, elementary classrooms and healthcare positions allows them to explore their interests at a whole new level and truly take control of their own passions. Clifton Taulbert, Pulitzer Nominated Author, describes GO CAPS as a place for great discovery, giving students a place to discover who they are and introducing them to professionals to help guide them to decide who they want to become. 

The desire of the GO CAPS students to learn and grow in a business setting fuels the Robbins Group. When students reach out afterward yearning to learn more or spend more time in the office, they are welcomed with open arms! High school student Faith Ann left us a life giving review: “Thank you so much for the opportunity to job shadow your company! Thank you Taylor for being an amazing mentor and showing our group around! RIG is truly an amazing company that cares. Thanks again!” 

The Robbins Group is a proud partner with Branson High School’s GO CAPS


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