Meet the Team: Staci Davis

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Meet our AFR, Associate Financial Representative, the cheerful Staci Davis! Staci’s story is full of big moves, changes, and placing her full trust in God’s plan as she navigates through it all. We are so thankful that it has now led her to become a part of The Robbins Group. 

Staci grew up in a small town in southern Indiana where her family lived above her mom’s hair salon. After being crowned THE ‘Miss Gibson County’ in high school and earning a partial scholarship, she was the first one on either side of her family to go to college! After earning her degree in education, she visited Branson in ‘98 with her fiance for the weekend and left with a teaching job! They hurried back to Indiana where she packed up her belongings in trash bags and drove right back. Staci and James got married that year on New Year’s Eve! 

After living in Branson for a couple years, Staci and James made their way back near family in Indiana and had their three kids Sidney, Cash, and Maxton. Every few months, Branson was their family’s vacation destination. About ten years ago, after coming back to a flooded home in Indiana, they used it as an opportunity to make the leap of faith to finally make Branson home. “God makes these huge deals and pushes me where I’m supposed to go,” Staci explained, and now the Branson community has had the opportunity to be blessed by her expertise in teaching, from preschool to elementary to reading recovery. 

But, the boomerang of moving almost continued this past year – that is why Staci made the very difficult decision not to sign her teaching contract. When her family processed through the potential move, they LUCKILY made the decision to stay. “Then the question was, do I go back to teaching or do I venture down another road I had been thinking about anyway?” She began brainstorming her interests prior to teaching such as banking, finances, and accounting. “In my mind, I imagined driving down the road trying to figure out what was in town. The Robbins Group billboard popped up where they are spinning in the toy cars! I was like, ‘man that sounds like something I might be interested in.’ So then I reached out to my former coworker Katherine Robbins, and now here I am!” The Robbins Group is so thankful for Staci’s fun loving spirit that drew her to the team. 

In the office she is known for her joyful presence, determination, and of course her happy dances! Staci’s favorite part of joining the Robbins Group is how much every individual on the team sincerely cares about each other. “Everyone truly wants the best for one another not just in the job setting but across the board.” This easily translates to the team’s desire to connect and care for our clients. It is a different financial planning experience. Allow Staci and The Robbins Group to help you today!


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