Meet the Team: Brianna Hudson

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A Robbins Insurance Group employee poses for a headshot

Bri is an expert in insurance customer service at Robbins Insurance Group, and we always count on her tenacious personality to get things DONE. 

Brianna Hudson, or “Bri” as she is known around the office, grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina, and moved back to her parents’ hometown of Branson in 2006. Throughout grade school, she competed in soccer and basketball and read many mystery/thriller novels. Bri and her younger sister also spent plenty of time outdoors with their family hiking and visiting the lake. 

Robbins Insurance Group representative with her family

In her high school years, Bri became interested in working and making a living for herself. This began her entrepreneurial journey and developed a strong work ethic. Currently, she owns her own unique Etsy business. Give it a peek!

Prior to joining the RIG team as an insurance customer service representative, Bri worked as an operations manager for one of Branson’s premier attractions, Fritz’s Adventure. Upon joining our team, Bri grew fond of the Robbins Insurance Group culture and the ability we have to serve our clients. Oh, and she mentioned something about how we are not stereotypical and we make the insurance process fun (crazy, right?). 

Outside of the office, Bri enjoys her two dogs, Ember and Summit, gardening, and spending time with family. She also devotes time to homework as she pursues a business administration degree. And, of course, she spends time fulfilling business orders for her clients as well.  

We are so thankful to call Bri one of our own and cannot wait to keep watching her thrive! 

Bri is a rockstar when it comes to insurance, but then again, so is our whole team. Whether you are looking for a different insurance experience entirely, or simply need some guidance, talk with us and one of our team members will provide you with some helpful tips!