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General Liability

Owning a business can be both a thrilling and fulfilling vocation to have in life. One can find great joy in passionately crafting a product or offering a service to others.  

Owning a business, however, can also be incredibly unpredictable. There are countless “what-ifs” that might occur and interrupt the success of a small business – whether that be an unexpected injury, damage to property, or a sudden lawsuit. 

The goal of general liability insurance (also known as business liability insurance) is to prepare for as many of these “what-ifs” as possible. In this way, general liability insurance empowers a business owner to focus on the present success of his company rather than on any unpredictable accidents that might occur. 

We at Robbins Insurance Group are committed to equipping our clients to navigate and make decisions within the often complicated world of insurance policies. In pursuit of this goal, this blog will discuss general liability insurance and some of the “what-ifs” that it can cover. 

Bodily Injury

If a customer slips and falls in the place of business, a general liability plan should cover any unexpected expenses thrown onto the business owner. 

Property Damage

If a customer’s property is damaged due to an unexpected accident or event, a general liability plan should pay for their losses. For example, if a renter’s belongings are damaged due to an air conditioner leak, a landlord with this insurance plan should be financially taken care of. 

Advertising Damage

General liability insurance also covers any unexpected expenses that arise from an advertising mistake. For example, if a business owner accidentally uses a copyrighted image in an advertisement and is sued by the image’s owner, they should be financially protected.  

Legal Fees

Unexpected legal fees that come from a lawsuit surrounding a business should be covered by a general liability insurance plan as well. For example, this type of plan should aid a business owner in paying for an attorney. 

Medical Expenses

If an employee or a customer receives an injury with the place of business and asks the business owner to cover the medical costs, a general liability insurance plan should protect the funds of the business owner. 

Libel or Slander

If a business is sued by another business for spreading false defamatory statements, then general liability insurance plan should cover those expenses as well. For example, if an employee of a business spreads negative information on social media that hurts another business, this plan can protect a business owner from any unexpected legal fees. 


A general liability plan is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to build a successful business. And although finding the right plan can seem complicated, business owners don’t have to navigate this process alone. 

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