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Josiah Johnson

In everything he does, Josiah Johnson exudes joy. And above all, he loves sharing this joy with the people around him. 

Josiah was born in the Chicago area in 1998. Growing up, he always had a profound love for the outdoors and competitive sports. Along with his 3 siblings, Josiah was also raised with a steadfast work ethic and a desire to succeed. For most of us, our chores consisted of cleaning our rooms and washing dishes. Josiah’s chores, on the other hand, consisted of itemizing his family’s budget and making financial plans. Consequently, since Josiah was a young boy, he has loved to work with numbers and help others make responsible financial decisions.Josiah Johnson

After graduating high school, Josiah moved into the Branson area to attend College of the Ozarks. While there, he studied business administration and, most importantly, met the love of his life: Alyssa! After proposing to Alyssa, Josiah knew that he wanted to settle in the Branson area, so he began looking for a local, professional job. Alongside financial planning, Josiah’s greatest passion in life is helping others. So, when he met Blake Robbins at a college career fair, he knew that he had found a worthwhile career opportunity.

While Josiah has loved entering into the insurance industry, his favorite part of working at RIG is interacting with new people. He loves getting to hear people’s stories, earning their trust, and helping them feel equipped to navigate the insurance world. Josiah loves serving others!

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