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Beyond the Lens

Whether you are vacationing in Branson or a local resident, our community is an excellent place to find fun attractions for the whole family, including Beyond the Lens. Throughout Branson, both parents and children can find attractions that interest them and will give the whole family long-lasting memories. 

Located on the Branson strip, Beyond the Lens is without a doubt one such attraction. Within the walls of this fun and wacky interactive museum, every member of the family will find something to love. 

As a family approaches the museum, they immediately see a giant camera lens forming the entrance of the museum. Jotting out of the camera are words like “CELEBRITY” or “AMAZING.” As they walk through the museum, they encounter a diverse collection of exhibits containing fun photo-ops and mini-games. 

As mentioned before, these exhibits contain fun for the whole family. The Human Kaleidoscope room is lined on all sides with mirrors and lights which make for a thrilling visual experience. The Red Carpet room contains many Hollywood fun facts and fun photo-ops. As the museum progresses, parents may be entertained by the Nostalgia room, which features videos of classic dance moves, samples from vintage video games, and other cherished pieces of pop culture. Parents may also be interested in the Royal Family room, which features fun facts, games, and trivia surrounding the British royal family. The museum contains much more: a room featuring the most famous American crimes of the century, an exhibit dedicated to theories surrounding the JFK assassination, a room centered around the existence of aliens, and much more! 

Overall, Beyond the Lens is a thrilling Branson attraction and is sure to entertain the whole family. The museum is also handicap accessible! 

If you’d like to contact Beyond the Lens for more information, call them at 417-337-9333! 

Visit them at: 3115 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616.