Teenage Drivers

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Teenage Drivers

For many, teaching a teenager to drive can be a stressful experience. Many parents feel overwhelmed at the thought of their inexperienced child sitting behind the steering wheel of a car and attempting to navigate the rules of the road. As a part of Robbins Insurance Group’s commitment to helping our clients, this blog post will serve as an introductory guide to insuring teenage drivers. Our hope is that, when our clients have peace of mind toward their finances, they can focus all the more on teaching their teenagers the rules of the road. 

Most states require all drivers to have auto insurance, so before a parent can begin teaching their teen, they should first include that teen within an insurance plan. Most of the time, including a teenage driver on a previously existing plan will be the most affordable option. When parents include their teenager on a previously existing plan, they ensure that the teen will be covered under their insurance when driving any of the family vehicles contained in the plan. Under many plans, teenagers will also benefit from the savings and bonuses gained by their parents’ safe driving records. 

Under one plan, a teenage driver will share a liability limit with their parents. Since teenagers are more likely to get into accidents, however, parents might consider raising their liability coverage in order to cover the unforeseen costs their teen might create. While having a teenage driver might be an expensive addition to one’s insurance plan, there are certainly ways to make teaching a teen driver more affordable. For instance, several insurance carriers will offer discounts for things like safe driving or even good grades. 

Insuring a teenage driver does not have to be a complicated process. By securing their financial wellbeing underneath a reliable insurance plan, parents allow themselves to better focus on teaching their teenage drivers how to operate a vehicle safely. Here at Robbins Insurance Group, we want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Contact us today!