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Never Forget 9/11

Never Forget 9/11

September 11, 2001 marks a traumatizing day in the history of our nation. 

20 years ago, four airliners were hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of these planes were crashed into the World Trade Center in Manhattan. The third plane crashed into the west side of the Pentagon. The fourth plane, initially aimed toward Washington D.C., crashed into a field thanks to the bravery of its passengers. 

In total, these attacks took the lives of 2,996 people. Many families across our country had to painfully adjust to life without their loved ones. In the midst of the horror and the tragedy, however, the attacks of September 11, 2001 created a newfound sense of solidarity and community among American citizens. This patriotism – a steadfast dedication to serving our neighbors – is how we can best remember and honor the sacrifices and losses of September 11, 2001 today.

This week, as we remember the heroes who died two decades ago, we should ask ourselves: “What can we do, in our own local communities, to love, serve, and protect our neighbors? How can we continue the legacy of the brave men and women who died 20 years ago?” 

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