How We Can Serve General Contractors

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General Contractors

Here at Robbins Insurance Group, we strive to work alongside our clients, empowering them to navigate the field of insurance and make beneficial decisions. Our clients often come from diverse fields and occupations. One such occupation is the role of a general contractor.

General contractors typically oversee an entire construction project from start to finish. They bear the responsibility of hiring workers and teams, managing and planning a project, meeting deadlines, producing a worthy finished product, and much more. With such wide-ranging responsibilities, so much can go wrong within a general contractor’s sphere of authority. This is why efficient and holistic insurance plans are so important for general contractors. 

As part of RIG’s commitment to empowering our clients to navigate the insurance field, we want to briefly discuss some coverage plans that are often necessary for general contractors. 

General Liability

A general liability plan will financially protect a general contractor against any unexpected workplace accidents that injure clients or damage property. Although subcontractors should have their own general liability plans, a general contractor should certainly have such a plan in the unfortunate case that all associated parties are sued. A general liability plan is the most important plan for a general contractor.

General Contractors

Worker’s Compensation 

Working in the construction industry, it’s inevitable that an employee will eventually receive an injury on the job. If a lawsuit is ever filed against a general contractor, a worker’s compensation plan will pay for an injured worker’s medical expenses and financially protect a general contractor’s business.

Commercial Auto

A commercial auto insurance plan will help financially protect any vehicles owned and used by the construction company in the event of them receiving physical damage at the job. This plan will cover cars, trucks, vans, and more. 


Contractor Tools/Equipment 

This type of insurance plan will finically cover the tools of a general contractor’s workers in the case that they are stolen or damaged. This can financially protect the general contractors from the risk of additional lawsuits.

Builder’s Risk

Finally, builder’s risk insurance will protect a construction site from any unexpected damages done by weather, fire, vandalism, or theft. 

The construction industry can be an incredibly unpredictable field, but having a good collection of insurance plans can help protect a general contractor from any of these unfortunate surprises. Here at Robbins Insurance Group, we are passionate about serving our clients and giving them peace of mind. We want our clients to be able to focus on doing the job they love.

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