Meet the Team: Lindsay Hemann

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Despite COVID and its associated regulations, this last year has been one of exploration and discovery for our administrative intern, Lindsay Hemann. Born in rural Iowa, Lindsay followed her parents’ footsteps in attending College of the Ozarks, where she graduated this month with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Arts. Last spring, as she began to set priorities for her coming senior year, she knew she wanted work experience in her major field of study. After meeting Blake at the college’s job fair, she accepted a position as marketing intern at the Robbins Insurance Group—unaware of the imminent launch of Robbins Nest Media.

Two months into her internship, Blake revealed that The Robbins Group would be starting a full-service marketing firm, a move that entailed a radical transformation of her responsibilities overnight. Rather than simply receiving marketing experience, Lindsay would now witness—and play an integral role in—the development of a marketing company from the ground up. This new dynamic required her to wear many different hats, from social media strategist and blogger to graphic designer and administrative assistant, providing a perfect laboratory for testing which duties best matched her skills and interests.

Over the course of the summer and the fall semester, Lindsay felt increasingly at ease in an administrative rather than creative role, enjoying her management tasks more than those relating to content production. With this preference, along with the needs of The Robbins Group, in mind, Blake transferred her internship back to Robbins Insurance Group, where she has spent this spring providing crucial administrative support.

Luckily for Blake and everyone working in The Robbins Group, Lindsay’s year of hard work and discovery has led her to accept a full-time position at RIG, where she will continue to function in an administrative capacity. At the same time, she plans to pursue her MBA online through John Brown University beginning this fall, looking to expand her knowledge and skills in international business.

In many ways, Lindsay’s story is emblematic of the experience we hope to provide each and every one of our interns. At RIG, we do not judge the success of an intern based on whether or not they continue to work with us, though we are thrilled when the desires of the intern coincide with our needs, as in Lindsay’s case. Rather, we know we have succeeded when we are able to see how our resources and environment have provided an individual real-world business experience and supported their growth.

If you are interested in an internship at Robbins Insurance Group, we encourage you to give us a call at 417-527-0032!