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Since 2018, Robbins Insurance Group has been known for delivering a quality product with excellent customer service. Our process is simple and clear: we meet with our clients, listen to them, then scour the market for coverage to match their needs and preferences. If we can help our clients understand and obtain the coverage they require, our goal has been met—and we’re especially happy if we can save them money in the process!

These elements of RIG’s identity are increasingly known in this community, and we couldn’t be happier about that reputation. Our success in gaining that reputation can be largely attributed to another, more fundamental goal motivating the leadership of this business. From the beginning, Blake knew that he wanted to deliver a great value for clients, but he also wanted to provide a model for healthy company culture.

At RIG, we hope that client satisfaction will continue to be evidence of the thriving company culture we have sought to develop. We also seek out opportunities to advocate openly for best practices in business management. Therefore, when Blake was asked to participate in the local GO CAPS program, he didn’t hesitate to accept. 


The Great Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies, better known by its acronym GO CAPS, is the regional chapter of a national program which seeks to develop professional skills among stand-out high school students. The program offers training for students interested in a variety of professional fields, including medicine, technology, engineering, and teaching. Blake gladly accepted an invitation to get involved in the business and entrepreneurial strand of the GO CAPS program.

During the year-long program, qualified students, many of them already entrepreneurs, are instructed by, and then shadow, professionals working in the community. Just weeks after moving into our new office, RIG was able to host the entire GO CAPS team, giving them a behind-the-scenes tour of our workspace. Many students returned to our office during the fall semester to job-shadow and learn from those in our leadership, like Blake and Taylor, who are now assisting a handful of students with their capstone projects.

The Future of Branson Business

At one level, Blake considers the GO CAPS program a great way to pass on to students all the knowledge and skills he has gained over his years of working with clients in insurance. More specifically, he sees his involvement in the GO CAPS program as an opportunity for mentorship—as a chance to provide a vision for what it means to develop a thriving company culture to future business professionals.

Students participating in the GO CAPS program are encouraged to think outside the box and pursue innovative ideas. In fact, the entrepreneurial strand of the program is specifically designed to encourage young people to develop original business ideas and run with them. Yet, along the way, they are also asked to consider what it would mean to apply those innovative ideas in the local context. In this way, the GO CAPS program is about preparing students for professional success, as well as the development of our community’s future. 

By participating in this program, it is our hope that Blake, and the whole team here at RIG, will make a positive impact on the lives of the GO CAPS students and, in the long term, our local community. By teaching students not only what it means to run a lucrative business, but also one that is oriented to the good of every team member and the community as a whole, we believe we will be accomplishing just that.