Life Skills For New Adults

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Life Skills

Becoming an adult is hard. There are so many new things to pay attention to and learn, with little preparation. To better help with the transition, here are 5 life skills for new adults to learn.

1.Money management.

  • Money management is an essential life skill, because without it you will likely struggle to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. 

2. Basic vehicle knowledge 

  • Knowing how to maintain your vehicle includes checking the oil and changing headlight bulbs. 

3. Managing stress 

  • Managing the amount of stress in your life is important, because stress can cause health issues that can be easily avoided. 

4. Citizen education 

  • Being an informed citizen includes knowing the issues that affect your community, understanding how jury duty works, and knowing how to register to vote. 

5. Communication skills 

  • Communication skills are helpful for scheduling doctor appointments, calling the plumber, and corresponding with co-workers. 

This list of life skills for new adults certainly doesn’t encompass all of the skills important for life, but it will help you get started!


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