6 Things to Always Have in Your Car

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6 things to always have in your car

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation where you didn’t have what you needed in your car? It can make an already stressful situation even more stressful. To avoid unnecessary disarray, here’s a list of 6 things you should always keep in your car. 

1.First Aid Kit

  • A First Aid Kit is good to have in case you need to help someone else or yourself and are not nearby any medical assistance. 

2. Flashlight

  • A Flashlight will allow you to find or fix something in the dark. 

3. Tire Repair Kit

  • A tire repair kit– which may consist of a tire pressure gauge, spare tire, car jack, lug wrench, and portable air compressor- is useful in the event that you need to change your tire on the side of the road. A portable air compressor is also especially handy for when your tire is low, but still drivable. 

4. Jumper Cables

  • Jumper cables are necessary because if your car battery dies, you can’t always rely on the person giving you a jump to have them. Also, you never know when you might need to give someone else a jump. 

5. Owner’s Manual

  • The Owner’s manual is essential just in case you need to figure out how something works in your car, especially if you do not have phone service and cannot look up solutions on your phone.

6. Blankets

  • Keeping blankets in your car is helpful because if you get stranded in your car during a cold season, blankets will keep you warm while you are waiting for help. On the other hand, during a warm season, blankets can be used to prevent burning yourself on your car seat. 

Happy driving, everyone! Stay safe and remember these 6 things to always have in your car!