A Message for the Graduates of 2020

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Any new high school or college 2020 graduates out there?

With the pandemic causing graduations around the globe to go into tailspins, many seniors are left feeling no closure regarding the last 2-4 years of their lives.

Beginning a new chapter of life is hard to begin with, let alone during a pandemic.

As the new graduates of 2020 step into their new shoes, here are 3 things to remember to help ease the stress. 

1. Find community. 

Doing life alone is hard and, well, lonely. Finding a group of people to bond and have fun with is essential. Friends both new and old will be able to help as you navigate through life. 

2. Save money.  

Saving money is hard, especially when you have to pay for food, housing, and transportation. However, saving money now will set you up for success in the long run. Blake recommends you “pay yourself first” by treating saving like a bill, and put it in your budget! Please reach out to a financial professional to learn more about investments and savings. 

3. Find a hobby you enjoy. 

You can’t work all the time (at least you shouldn’t), so you need to find something you enjoy doing in your free time. Your life needs to have a purpose other than work. Take time to learn a new skill or language. Not only is this using your time wisely, but you are also investing in yourself and potentially your future.

We are excited to celebrate your successes with you along the way! Swing in the office sometime so we can get to know you or visit our website at https://robbinsig.com! Here’s to the 2020 graduates!