2 Year Anniversary

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May is super exciting for our team! Why? Because we get to C E L E B R A T E our  T W O year anniversary!

For us, it is not just two years of insurance…

It is not just two years of financial planning…

It is not just two years of business…

It is two years of being committed to serving our community! Our Office Manager, Taylor Clark, has done an excellent job lately of reminding the group of our core values. Our core values show why we do what we do.

First, we always do the right thing. We are just as tired as you are when it comes to businesses lacking integrity. We promise to always put your needs and desires above our own.

Next, we do everything with excellence. Not only are we going to always do the right thing, we are going to do it with excellence. We provide our clients with quality work and assist them in any way we are able.

We also do our part to educate our clients. Have you ever had someone have a conversation with you where you barely understood anything? Us too… it is no fun. We assure you, you will never feel that way with us. We walk through every step with you and make sure we our doing our best to be intentional with every client.

We commit to serving well. Service is a part of our structure because it really matters to us. Philippians 2 talks about considering others as better than yourself and humbling yourself. We do our best to practice putting your needs above our own AND we enjoy it. Let us know how we can serve you.

Finally, we are committed to having fun! Life is fun and work is fun. We believe you can do both extremely well with the right balance. Our team loves to hang out at work and after. It is more than just work— it is a family. We all strive to get better each day. One of the best ways to get better is to have fun!

Two years has been a blast and we cannot wait to see what year three holds. Want to be a part of our journey? Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Follow us on social media:

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