COVID Kindness

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We are right in the middle of a global pandemic. These unprecedented times have offered a lot of fear but no relief. We are so grateful to work with carriers who seek to provide relief in the midst of uncertainty.

Within hours of the news, the carriers we partner with were hard at work trying to navigate these waters. We all came up with a solution to help their clients feel cared for and valued.

Safeco, decided to refund 15% of their clients last TWO months of auto insurance. How neat would it be to receive a check in the mail or a deposit from your insurance company?

Travelers had some good news to share as well! Their generosity resulted in the development of a program known as “Stay-At-Home Auto Premium”. This program allows personal auto insurance customers to receive a 15% credit on April and May auto Premiums.

ONE BILLION DOLLARS? Progressive decided to credit 20% to their clients accounts during May and June on their auto insurance. With this act of kindness they are giving back 1 Billion Dollars worth of premiums.

Nationwide made sure to get in on the generosity as well with cold, hard CASH. They offered a one-time premium refund of $50 for personal auto policies active as of March 31, 2020.

One of the best parts of all of this good news is that you do not have to do a thing. We are working hard to get your money back in your hands!

Though these times might not be ideal, we love seeing generosity shine through. For us, and our carriers, it is more than just insurance. We care deeply about our clients.

It doesn’t stop at insurance companies, people all around are doing things to give back. Athletes are donating their wages, actors and actresses are promoting acts of kindness, and more!

The question is…

What are YOU going to do to give back? You can make a difference regardless of your circumstance.

Ultimately, we want you to know that we are here for YOU! If you need anything, Robbins Insurance Group will to do our best to help you out!