Local Spotlight: Elevate Branson

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Is it possible to elevate Branson in the midst of a global pandemic? Though it is a lot of work, founders Bryan and Amy Stallings  and their team are making it look effortless… better yet— selfless. We heard about the selfless deeds they are doing for the community during this time and wanted to spotlight their kindness.

We had the opportunity to talk with Mark Marcus, Elevate Branson’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. He joined the team one month ago. Before his new role in Missouri, he ran a men’s shelter in Florida.

At the beginning of 2020, Jesus Was Homeless, changed their name to Elevate Branson. They wanted to keep their goals and aspirations the same while expanding their mission and vision.

Though their location has not changed, their reach has. Marcus said, “God was calling us to more. We feel as if it is important to let the community know we want to serve ANYONE in need.”  Their intention has been to serve the community all along.

Elevate Branson seeks to be the bridge to take people from a place of need and assist in helping them find a better place. In today’s society, it is normal to put your own needs first. However, Marcus and his team claim “Our heartbeat is our community.” They love serving the community— In fact, they use the term ‘neighbor’. Nobody is immune to poverty or hard times but Elevate Branson seeks to be a beacon of hope.

COVID-19 has changed the name of the game for just about everyone. Elevate Branson has always reached our community through their meal delivery service. Because of the national pandemic, this service has increased. Now, they are providing 425 meals two times a week.

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, Marcus says, “We want to combat pressure and meet it with peace.” They are aware most people handle pressure differently. This resource can relieve some pressure during these unprecedented times.

Ultimately, Elevate Branson knows in order to make a difference in Branson, it will take a community. Their organization strongly believes we have all been gifted with a unique skill set to use for the glory of God and benefit of others.

At this point you might be asking, WHAT CAN I DO?”

Their response would be, “Use your gift!” Elevate Branson is constantly meeting people’s needs and they could not accomplish it without volunteers. Volunteers can provide groceries, hygiene products

and more.

They have increased their sanitization at both their organization and events. They are extra cautious to make sure their servant’s hearts are benefiting individuals to the highest potential in the midst of crisis.

Marcus gladly proclaimed, “God needs me ‘locked in’ and ‘clocked in’ right now.” His previous experience at the shelter has equipped him for a time such as this. His team chooses to be a beacon of hope— a light in the darkness regardless of the circumstances.

On behalf of Robbins Insurance Group,

Thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for being willing to be a beacon of hope during these times. We, as a community, are grateful for all you do for our neighbors, friends, and families. Keep on!

For more information about Elevate Branson or to know more about how you can help visit their Facebook Page: Elevate Branson to find the community needs. Any resources are appreciated. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer.