What we LOVE about Safeco!  

Emma SimmonsFamily, Understanding Insurance


Imagine getting rewarded for doing a daily activity WELL. Driving is something that most of us do pretty much every day. So much so that we hardly ever think about how well we’re driving. But, safe driving can actually save you money on insurance. With Safeco, you are REWARDED for driving well. 

At RIG, we LOVE seeing our clients save money while providing quality coverage. Enrolling in Safeco’s Right Track rewards is simple and presents an opportunity to save hard-earned dollars!  


Safeco’s Ultra package provides you with accident forgiveness. We think this is an important offer, especially for clients who have driving teens! They also offer diminishing deductible and 24/7 roadside assistance. This can be incredibly valuable for your peace of mind. Ultra also offers coverage for personal property INSIDE your car. This means that if your car gets robbed, your iPod Touch 3rd Generation will be covered (HA, though it may not be worth a lot now.) How great is that? We think it’s awesome.  


Claims free cashback  

Another thing we value about Safeco is their Claims-Free Cash Back Policy. As a Safeco customer with either the 12-month Superior or Ultra policies can get up to 5% cashback EVERY YEAR. Talk about great savings! 

Published by Blake Robbins and Emma Simmons