3 Reasons Why We Love Progressive

Blake RobbinsOn the Road, Understanding Insurance


Our girl Flo is EVERYWHERE. Did you see her rock that Super Bowl commercial? Who knew Flo worked at a restaurant? HA.

We can’t get enough of Flo and Progressive is one of our favorite carriers and here’s why:

Super Bundle Deals

You’ll earn a multi-policy discount when you add your auto policy plus home, condo, OR renters coverage. Why not have all of your insurance policies under one roof? Add your RV, boat, and motorcycle policies to make a bigger bundle!

Affordable Car Insurance

Progressive is one of top insurance companies in the country. Over 18 MILLION people are insured by Progressive. With a user-friendly mobile application and competitive rates, Progressive’s popularity is likely to keep growing.


SnapShot rewards your GREAT driving. With SnapShot, you pay for how and how much you drive – it’s called usage-based insurance. While your rate could increase with high-risk driving, most drivers save with Snapshot. In fact, Snapshot rewards drivers with an average discount of $145.

There are so many reasons to LOVE Progressive: you can bundle, join the Progressive family, and see if your safe driving could result in a discount. Contact the Robbins Insurance Group team to see if Progressive is the right carrier for YOUR family.