3 Things Bound to Save You Money on Car Insurance

Blake RobbinsOn the Road

Blake Robbins

We all look for any and every way to save money on auto insurance. We wonder if bare minimum coverage is worth it, but we know higher coverage is better for the protection of our family. What if I told you saving money doesn’t have to be difficult? That decreasing coverage isn’t the answer?

3 Things Bound to Save Money on Car Insurance

  1. Shop insurance with a broker

    • Insurance brokers represent you. Brokers submit applications on your behalf to many different insurance carriers. Talk about saving time AND money!
    • At Robbins Insurance Group, we have several carriers who consistently have the most competitive rates in Branson, Missouri. There is no brokers fee and you don’t pay more on your premium. Its simple. We do the hard work for you.
  2. Take advantage of your safe driving

    • Carriers such as Travelers, SafeCo, and Progressive, all have safe-driving discounts. It is as easy as enrolling in a safe driving program and going from place-to-place per usual.
  3. Bundle EVERYTHING

    • Bundling home, auto, umbrella, and other lines of insurance saves BIG money. Along with multi-line discounts, you will have a single point of contact during the claims process. You also only have one company to call if questions arise.

A broker is solely focused on your unique needs. They can help with comparison-shopping and honing in on the best prices for the coverage you need. Brokers can even advise you on how to best bundle or customize your policies in ways that agents might not be able to do (either because they are restricted in their policy offerings, or simply because they lack the insight into your specific needs).

Robbins Insurance Group is your local team working to save you money, boost your coverage, and bundle your lines of insurance with a reputable carrier. A different insurance experience is only a call or click away.