from SW Missouri to 65616

Blake RobbinsOn the Road

I grew up in a neighboring town of Joplin, Missouri. Yes, the city wiped out by a tornado in May 2011. At the time, my dad worked at Freeman Health Care System. Freeman Hospital was less than a mile from St. John’s Regional Medical Center, one of theĀ  largest buildings destroyed by the EF-5 tornado. I vividly remember Dad working day-and-night to ensure the facilities were ready to serve the Joplin community. Patients from the demolished hospital were transferred and, for a short time, Freeman was beyond its capacity. Dad brought in temporary beds, water supplies and many other accommodations to make the transition as easy as possible.

Every dollar and detail matter.

Dedication such as this makes serving my father well, all the more important. I aim to serve my dad as he served those impacted by the destructive Joplin tornado. My entrance into the insurance world presented me an opportunity to do so. I ran through EVERY possible scenario in EVERY carrier Robbins Insurance Group has to offer. I tried raising and lower deductibles, increasing coverages, and looked at add-on coverages that cost just a few dollars more. Every dollar and detail mattered.

A different insurance experience.

That is one of the many ways Robbins Insurance group is DIFFERENT. There are no shortcuts and, details are not overlooked. We examine option-after-option to ensure we are presenting you with the BEST coverage available. Though my family is from Southwest Missouri we are insured by a small company in Branson, Missouri, the 65616.