Home Decor. Where to Splurge, Where to Save.

Blake RobbinsAround the Home

Owning a home comes with so much JOY. You have your own space to do with whatever you can imagine. Decorating a home does not come with a small price tag. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been settled for years, refreshing your home and reassessing your assets is a worthy time investment.


  1. Bring on the light & brighten your home
    • Light fixtures add a warm dimension to any home. A simple lamp shade swap will impact a room by changing the color and tone of light. Lamps and small light fixtures are a steal at local thrift stores, furniture outlets, and the garage sale down the street.
    • PRO TIP: Test all “thrifted” lamps with a fresh light bulb and outlet before purchase.
  2. Add a nice illusion
    • Try out a mirror in a room where you want more natural light and the illusion of an open space. Mirrors that are placed strategically by a window have maximum impact. The mirror below was bought at a garage sale for $5 and completely transformed the room!
  3. Join the green team
    • The latest dynamic decorations are houseplants. A succulent adds a safe pop of color in a neutral space and does not require consistent love and attention. If you have a great view from your front porch, purchase a hanging plant! Hanging plants draw the eye out the window and to the scenic view of the Ozark hills.
    • PRO TIP: Shop local at 417 Vintage Market & Supply Co. for ADORABLE succulents.
  4. Fresh color
    • Spruce up your favorite room with a lighter and brighter color. Light colors are on trend and for good reason. Light and bright creates the illusion of a larger space.
    • PRO TIP: Do not choose the cheapest painting supplies. A low quality roller could leave behind trails on your wall.


  1. From the ground up!
    • Start with your flooring. Are there stains from who-knows-what scattered across your home? It may be time for an update. If you live in an older home, see if hardwood floors lie underneath your worn carpet. Refinishing original hardwood floors are relatively inexpensive.
    • If your floors are in great shape, update your home with an area rug. Rugs can add a needed splash of color!
      • PRO TIP: The best time of year to buy an area rug is January! Sales on sales on sales.
  2. To the wall
    • Updating your walls can cost a good chunk of change. Here is what we recommend:
      • Invest in quality window treatments. The right drapes accentuate the height of the room and are an easy place to customize your home.
      • Install the right shades. Shades can impact the temperature in your home, how late you sleep in, and the color of your walls depending on how much light they allow through.
  3. Heart of the home
    • The kitchen is the heart of the home – where there are full tummies and happy times. A few ways you can give your kitchen the revival it needs is installing a backsplash or redoing the cabinets. These updates do not affect the functionality of the room; however, they can dramatically impact the feeling of the room.
  4. Around the dinner table
    • Is it time to stop concealing the chips and stains in your dining room table with runners and tablecloths? Consider purchasing a different size or shape of table to best fit your space.
    • PRO TIP: You can get the best deals on quality tables in August and February (like most of the furniture industry.)

Our parting advice is to be bold and have fun. Redecorating and revamping your home does not have to be stressful. The internet places infinite ideas and simple DIY projects at your fingertips. When it comes to your insurance coverage, your home contents are covered under your personal property. If you are unsure of your personal property coverage call your agent! They can inform you of your coverage and, if needed, make adjustments.