Adulting with Insurance

Blake RobbinsUnderstanding Insurance

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Summer is coming to a close and the season of adulting is upon us. Whether you are just starting the adulting season or know someone who is getting their feet underneath them in the “real world,” insurance is a great starting point. To many young adults, the concept of insurance is foreign. Our knowledge of insurance consists of Flo from Progressive and our parents’ complaints of rates going up when we turned 16. So, what is insurance and why is it so important?

Insurance is a tool; a tool of protection. We have insurance to protect our financial well-being. One can never predict the unexpected life throws our way.

3 Insurance Insights:

1.Cheaper isn’t always better

When you get quoted for car insurance, it is tempting to go for the cheapest policy. As you may have guessed, the cheapest policy is often the cheapest quality. Getting minimum coverage means that you aren’t covered in the case of an accident. Make sure you have comprehensive coverage, meaning you, your car, and the other party is covered in the case of an accident.

2.Rent? Get protected.

Renters insurance is often overlooked by young adults. When you are just starting out, the little you have is worth an awful lot. Insure your belongings! Renters insurance is typically very affordable and provides great peace of mind.

3.Protect your hard-earned $$$

Insurance is a very important investment in protecting your future. The bills from an auto accident can add up quickly and most of us don’t have thousands of dollars laying around. In a life full of the unexpected, transfer the risk to an insurance company.

Insurance is a huge topic with many ins-and-outs. Robbins Insurance Group has an experienced and knowledgeable team excited to help you navigate the insurance world. Adulting doesn’t have to be hard. Call Robbins Insurance Group for insurance made easy!

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