Insurance – what comes to mind?

Blake RobbinsUnderstanding Insurance

What comes to mind when you think about insurance?

  • complicated
  • pain-in-the-butt
  • serenity now
  • expensive

A word-association game is dangerous in the insurance business. The after-taste of “insurance” isn’t pleasant for many people. Let’s explore why so few people get excited at the concept.

They aren’t with the right company

If you have worked with one insurance agent, you have NOT worked with them all. Unfortunately, some agents look at the numbers rather than the people. At Robbins Insurance Group, we continuously work to create a simple process for your busy life. Doing business with RIG is easy as 1, 2, 3! First, request a quote. You can call the office or fill out our digital quote form at Next, a RIG team member will reach out to create coverage centered around your needs. Finally, we will schedule a time for Blake to discuss different coverage options for you and your family.

It’s pricey

To many, insurance seems really, really pricey. It seems pricey until… the unexpected happens. Insurance provides a sense of financial security. In the case of the unexpected, insurance protects your hard-earned dollars. At Robbins Insurance Group, we have several different insurance carriers. We seek to find you the best coverage for the best rates.

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Insurance is complicated

How does a deductible impact my rates? What should I set my liability limits at? There are so many terms in the insurance world. Blake Robbins has been in the insurance industry for years and explains your coverage simply and concisely.

Insurance. It can be fun and simple. Financial security and a team you can rely on is just one phone call away!

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