Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency & Save

Blake RobbinsAround the Home

Increased energy efficiency results in lower electric bills. We could all use a little extra pocket change. According to Energy Star, increasing your home efficiency could mean BIG savings. Even if you aren’t the handiest person in the world, checking on your home’s energy efficiency is a simple DIY.

Where do you start?

  • Drafts

The scorching Ozarks summer is just around the corner. Check the interior and exterior of your home for places where the cool air could escape. One place you need to check: the duct system to the outside. The US Department of Energy states that many households lose about 20% of their heated and cooled air through the duct system to the outside. Stopping the drafts in your home could save 30% of your yearly energy costs.

  • Insulation

Sure, quality insulation keeps your home quiet. The sirens aren’t as loud and the music booming from the streets is muffled. Insulation also promotes a healthy home. Allergens are kept out; clean air is kept in. Arguably one of the key benefits of quality insulation is the huge electric bill savings. Cool air from the A/C is kept cold and doesn’t escape into the Ozark hills.

  • Light it Right

More than half of light sockets in the US still do not have energy efficient bulbs. Make the switch to LED bulbs. LED bulbs protect the environment and your wallet.

Whether you are tired of sending an enormous check to the electric company or simply wanting to make your home “green,” making your home energy efficient pays. In the case of an unexpected event, home insurance also pays. At Robbins Insurance Group, we make sure you get the coverage you need and don’t pay for coverage you don’t need.

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