Life insurance, you need it

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Indescribable. The pain of loss created a sense of numbness. The man who taught me to laugh at myself, find joy in the small things and appreciate the spirit of Kansas City football was gone. Memories of Grandpa – I wished to relish the countless memories but, there was too much to do:

call Aunt Helen & the neighbors & cousin George, order death certificates, contact the funeral home, notify the post office…

The to-do list seemed endless.

A similar & extensive to-do list burdens any family losing a mother, father, daughter, or son. Few families – if any – openly discuss the possibility of death & have every detail organized. The topic of life insurance is not as cheery & bright as new engagements or steep discounts on Amazon.

However, life insurance is an essential aspect of life and a crucial step in financial planning. Here is the startling truth regarding Americans & life insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute:

    • In 2018, nearly 40% of Americans did not have life insurance of any type.
    • Among those with insurance, 1 in 5 says that they do not have enough.
    • People highly overestimate the cost of life insurance. 44% of Millennials overestimate by 5 times the amount!

If you are in debt, are married, have a family, or own a business you need life insurance.

Don’t push the discussion and process of life insurance until unforeseeable occurs. Contact Robbins Insurance Group to ensure that your loved ones are financially protected.